Welcome to my personal website

I am a 00 after, I dropped out of school when I was in high school. This site was built according to my own interests. I was very fond of computers at a very young age. When I was in junior high school, I had my first computer, a Dell laptop, and I used it for two years to do a lot of interesting things and experienced many operating systems.

At the beginning, I learned C and assembly language myself, but I only took a rough look at it. At the same time, the system I was using was Fedora. Later, I started learning about web development and using Arch Linux. I really like this system. But for many reasons, I must use Windows, but in fact, Windows is also great.

I hate China's GFW very much. so I almost always use Shadowsocks. I also hate QQ and WeChat, But I must use them for some reason

I like to listen to music very much When I go to bed and just get up in the morning. and I also enjoy to watching Marvel's movies. The game I always playing was the Three Kingdoms.

My English is very poor, most of the above is from Google Translate